Korea Times Music Festival K-pop Cover Contest 2023

ktmf k-pop festival

Korea Times Music Festival K-pop Cover Contest 2023



Korea Times Media Group (KTMG), the largest Korean media group in the Americas, will hold a K-pop cover contest with Korea’s top entertainment companies. (such as Kakao Ent., PLEDIS Ent., P NATION, and SOL+plus Project)
This event will be an event that opens a new paradigm for KPOP globalization that encompasses online, metaverse, and offline.

From the preliminary round, the casting directors of Kakao Ent., PLEDIS Ent., P NATION, and SOL+plus Project will participate in the screening, and they will also attend the finals in LA to participate in the ranking screening.

In the offline finals, the 10 individuals or teams selected from the 2nd qualifying round will compete, Those 10 individuals or teams will be awarded the title of TOP 10 winner of KTMF Kpop Cover Contest.
Furthermore, the first, second, and third places will receive significant prizes. The prize will be announced later. Please look forward to it.

Don’t miss the chance to win the title, as well as be invited as a trainee by Korea’s top entertainment companies.

1st Online Qualification: June 28 to August 15 (50 people or teams selected)
2nd Qualifying Round: August 23 to October 23 (10 people or teams selected)
3rd Offline Final Stage: November 18th

1st Online Qualification : Online application, profile video, and cover video
2nd Qualifying Round : Event held in a:rz META Metaverse space (50 people selected in the qualifying round)
3rd Offline Final Stage : offline competition at E.K Art Gallery in LA

Offline Final Stage Location: E.K Art Gallery (LA, USA)

Eligibility:  Anyone interested in K-pop (no distinction between race, nationality, and gender)

Hosted by The Korea Times USA (Hankook Ilbo) Media Group (KTMG)

Sponsored by Seoul Economic Daily, Kakao Ent., PLEDIS Ent., P NATION, SOL+plus Project, Hancom Frontis(a:rz META)

online application

최근 커버 영상


1st Online Qualification

online contest

※ You can choose between dancing and singing or both. No designated songs. However, we prefer kpop songs.

Please apply for participation through Google Form by August 15th as an individual or a team.

The requested cover video can be found on the KTMF website.

Final 50 people will be selected through expert evaluation.

youtube link

2nd Qualifying Round (‘a:rz META’ Metaverse Qualifying Round)

metaverse contest
metaverse contest2
metaverse contest3
metaverse contest4

We will notify you later of the designated song mission for the second preliminary round.

50 people selected in the first qualifying round may be required to submit a new mission cover video.

For a month from August 23th to October 23th, 50 profiles and cover videos selected in the first preliminary round will be viewed in the KTMF Kpop Cover Contest exclusive voting area on the metaverse(a:rz META) and global voting will be held.

50 people or teams who advance to the second qualifying round will be awarded Kakao Friends prizes provided by Kakao Ent.

You can access and vote from all over the world, including the United States, Korea, Asia, and Europe.
The results of the vote and expert evaluation are combined to select 10 finalists.

vote link

3rd Offline Final Stage

ktmf final contest

Ten finalists will compete in the finals at E.K Art Gallery in downtown LA in November 18th.

The judges include the casting directors of four entertainment companies, Kakao Ent., PLEDIS Ent., P NATION, and SOL+plus Project.

The finalists will be awarded various and significant awards along with the title of the 1st KTMF Kpop Cover Contest Top 10.
(Details will be updated through the website, etc.)

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